The Next Supper

A cooking book to bring people around the world to the table and enjoy there lifes.


You are what you eat.

What distinguishes man from the animal is not his pronouncement in language, but that he cooks. The preparation of food from the raw materials of nature is the common feature that connects people of all cultures.

Globalization knows many ways into this new diversity. The food industry, with its brands, spans the world and designs a constantly fresh image of a standardized food composition whose taste experience is always the same. This is true for a burger as well as for some expensive whiskey. Everyday everywhere the same! Be sure: No surprise!

And the participation in this singular experience of taste on the tongue in the almost infinite variety of flavors connects you today beyond all cultural boundaries. Is this freedom and happiness?

Fortunately not only the monocultures of taste are wandering around the world. Migration is a major issue in the present. And on the Barbeque, the cooking pot and the pan another food culture has become part of our lives.

And it still is and probably and hopefully will continue permanently. It is a cuisine of the region that is characterized by the typical range of food, traditional products, methods of preparation and rules.

Food is a main focus in our life. If people go hiking, then their food culture also migrates. This is our experience in Germany and not only for the post-WWII era. Kohlroulade, Hering and Königsberger Klopse are more than seventy years in a strong competition with pizza, pasta and kebab. To tell it with words based on a german childen song: There is a „Chinese“ in every city without a double bass, but with a hot plate, which offers us the Far Eastern kitchen. And and…

Food is community. Is family! The invitation to a meal shows hospitality and openness.

The German-Israeli cookbook is rather a menu of biographies and hikes. Israel and Germany are immigration countries. THE NEXT SUPPER is a plea for a kind of world cuisine nurtured by respect for one’s own tradition, found in families and local food production.

The start of this project was the media workshop of the Immanuel-Kant-Schule. Here, young people regularly meet to gain practical experience in dealing with music, film, dance and theater. Some of them were born in Bremerhaven. Their families left their homeland 2-3 generations ago. Others have only recently been „driven“ into Bremerhaven, which is to be understood as a coastal description of the expulsion by war and social misery. And since 2012 we are connected to our partners from Rosh HaAyin Music Center. After many projects this book is just another documentary of connecting people with a different cultural background.

„We’re all meeting at McDonalds rather than eating at somebodies home. It’s embarrassing if you do not know what the taste of the others is.“

Is it the fear of a new experience, or the protection of one’s own taste as something very personal? Have I already established my taste or has my conviction on the tongue still have some space for movement and curiosity?

We leave these questions unanswered and invite you to a biographical journey around the culinary world and its food cultures.
Good Appetite!

Documentary 2016 The Next Supper:

After cheese, sweets and coffee:The Draft Cooking Book Dummy

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